Join us for a transformational retreat in Sicily. We run regular retreats throughout the year from March until the end of October.

20th -27th May 2023

Mind Transformation 

Change your Mindset to change your Life!

From the author of "The Power to Transform is Yours: Be Your Best Friend not your worst Enemy" we bring you a transformational retreat that aims to guide participants, on an inner journey, to identify what potential limiting beliefs hold them back in life, where they come from and how to replace them with healthy beliefs. When we change our Mindset we have the ability to completely transform all areas of our life. 

3rd -10th June 2023

Mind, Body - Energy Healing

In Qigong Energy Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that all dis-ease in the body starts in a person’s energy field. That energy comes from our immediate environment, (people, places, thoughts, actions) but, as we’re all interconnected with everything in the Universe, it’s also influenced by the energies of world events that don’t necessarily affect us in our immediate circumstances but they still, none the less, take a toll on us. The most important influences on us are our thoughts (related to what’s going on in our lives) and the energy they produce. Since this is now proven by scientific research, based on placebos, it follows that - just as our thoughts can damage our health, so too can they can restore it. This retreat aims to use the power of thought to open energetic channels within the body and use them to heal in mind, body and soul. 

15th -22nd July 2023

Mind, Body - Detox Retreat

Mind, Body - Detox! All dis-ease, in the body, is an outer manifestation of what is going on, internally,  within the mind.  In the West, we are used to taking medication for everything but it isn't always the solution. Medication can mask the symptoms but it doesn't resolve the underlying cause of dis-ease. To understand dis-ease better, we have to understand our emotions and the energy associated with them. As well as medicating, we need to analyse our life and our responses to events that occur in it. Every mental and emotional response, we have, produces a negative energetic response within the body that, over time, weakens the area and causes dis-ease.  During this retreat, we seek to detox the body as well as detox the mind in order to create balance and harmony. 

Retreat Leader

Venerina Conti is the author of the book: "The Power to Transform is yours: Be your best friend, not your worst enemy." (2008)

She is a Transpersonal coach with a BSc in Psychology and a MA in Transpersonal Studies. She is a Holistic Health Therapist, Reiki Master, Energy Healing Practitioner, Photographer, Weddings and Event specialist, as well as a fully recognised Naturopath and a former International Vocalist.

She has travelled to 42 countries, is multilingual and has been practicing Mind Transformation and Holistic Energy Healing, with clients of diverse backgrounds, for over two decades in multiple countries.

Her philosophy is that our thoughts and beliefs have a huge impact on our behaviour, our actions and our emotions. By transforming our Mindset we can, not only, overcome mental challenges and difficulties in life, but we can achieve anything we wish to and lead a more fulfilled life.